6. June 2020

Rapsöl Stativ in Corona Lockdown

Keine Halterung, kein Stativ, kein Licht, kein externes Mikrofon an Bord? So baust Du aus einer Rapsöl-Flasche ein Stativ für Dein iPhone. Tipps von Medien Coach Sibylle Trost, …

9. April 2020

Smartphone Video Class Online

In Corona Zeiten ist es unabdingbar und viele nutzen es bereits: das Smartphone als Kamera. Im Moment erlebt die mobile Kamera in den vier Wänden der Corona …

30. January 2018

Discover Berlin with media professionals

With our media agency we organize exciting media tours behind the screens: explore studios, understand dramaturgy, reveal fake news. With us you discover the world of media …

14. December 2016

First smartphone documentary televised

Spanish TV journalist Leonor Suarez filmed a 50-minute TV documentary, including enacted scenes, using only mobile equipment. Only the scenes with more than twenty people on set caused this director, camerawoman and producer to break a sweat. Impressive: YouTuber Charlene showed her recording tool at the TV IN YOUR POCKET workshop in Berlin.

14. November 2014

Udo Jürgens

Thank you Udo Jürgens! I met the singer-songwriter-entertainer in 2009 during his Einfach ich (Simply me) concert tour. Such charisma! He died in December 21, 2014. (Photo: Heide Breitel)

13. December 2013

Panel member AIB

Panel member for the Academy for International Education, Bonn (AIB) and the Film & Television School Europe (FITS) 4th Bonn Short Film Festival at the Rheinisches …