31. January 2018

Smartphone Practice Courses – Dates 2018

2018 dates: Smartphone video courses in Berlin on 10/11 March – 5/6 May – 2/3 June 2018. Whoever can is independent. Learn from the television professionals. Smartphone …

29. January 2018

Filmmaker shoot on Smartphone

More and more filmmakers are shooting on smartphones – not only casting videos and location memos. I feel the same way: the smartphone is small, handy and …

14. December 2016


Workshop participant Olaf Schwarz, Part 1 - The Entrepreneur Academy: “My aim is to create an e-learning course which is a mixture of texts, presentations and videos. But I had no idea how to create the videos, or what equipment to use. So the ‘TV in your pocket‘ workshop came at exactly the right time for me: professionals who wanted to teach me all I needed to know in one day! The workshop was so motivating that I now have a TV studio in my pocket!"

14. December 2016

TV IN YOUR POCKET丨Smartphone Workshop丨January 21

Be independent. Learn how to make marketing videos for your website or vlogs for your company. Workshop for those who already film with the App Filmic Pro. In this media workshop, you’ll learn from professionals: video reporter Jochen Klug and filmmaker Sibylle Trost will help you develop your storytelling, filming, cutting and posting skills. Your Booking:

12. July 2016

Workshop: TV aus der Hosentasche I 1. Okt. 2016

Wer´s kann, ist unabhängig. Professionelle iPhone Videos für die Website, Vlogs für das Business. Workshop mit Videojournalist Jochen Klug und Filmemacherin Sibylle Trost. Termin: 1. Oktober 2016 Ort: Zunftwirtschaft Berlin

27. November 2014

Horror Games | ZEITmagazin

Horror Games: How Toys Dumb Down Our Children. Cover story, ZEIT Magazin, 27th November 2014. Walk into a toyshop nowadays and you enter a...