Smartphone Video Workshop with Sibylle Trost

Smartphone as professional camera

Using the smartphone as a camera for professional use in TV and cinema production: this was the topic of a workshop of the professional association of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm (documentary film working group) on 2 days in Cologne. Experienced authors, directors, producers, social media experts experimented with body cam, white balance, mount, gimbal, external microphones and their smartphone, Apple or Android.


The quality of the shots was professionally tested, as was the handling of the world’s lightest camera at 300 grams. How is professional image and sound quality created? This question is answered on the one hand by the technical data of the various smartphones, and on the other hand by comparisons with large cameras and their capabilities.


Manual settings, the right camera apps, posture, distance, movements are factors that influence the quality of any smartphone video.


Experimentation and intuitive experience seem to be the key points in order to create new formats and a new visual language from the new technology.

Be there with a playful spirit of discovery and joy! ūüėĀūüĎć


Are smartphones just the cheaper cameras or do they have professional potential? How do they change visual aesthetics? Do they make everything more “wobbly” and centered, or do they simply offer a “trash look” that is currently in?


Sibylle Trost is a lecturer (film design, community management, mobile storytelling), journalist (print journalist for “Die Zeit”, among others) and experienced television director (writer and director of 25 documentary reports for the ZDF TV format “37 Grad”, other reports, hundreds of magazine articles)

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