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Sibylle Trost is a TV und print journalist. As a writer and director for television, Trost created 24 films for the documentary series 37° on ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, German public-service television broadcaster). Trost’s documentaries attracted approximately 60 million viewers, an average market share of 12%.

Sibylle Trost is also a writer for the German ZEIT Leo Magazins.


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  • 14. December 2016

    First smartphone documentary televised

    Spanish TV journalist Leonor Suarez filmed a 50-minute TV documentary, including enacted scenes, using only mobile equipment. Only the scenes with more than twenty people on set caused this director, camerawoman and producer to break a sweat. Impressive: YouTuber Charlene showed her recording tool at the TV IN YOUR POCKET workshop in Berlin.

  • 14. December 2016

    TV IN YOUR POCKET I Testimonial

    Workshop participant Olaf Schwarz, Part 1 - The Entrepreneur Academy: “My aim is to create an e-learning course which is a mixture of texts, presentations and videos. But I had no idea how to create the videos, or what equipment to use. So the ‘TV in your pocket‘ workshop came at exactly the right time for me: professionals who wanted to teach me all I needed to know in one day! The workshop was so motivating that I now have a TV studio in my pocket!"

  • 14. December 2016

    TV IN YOUR POCKET丨Smartphone Workshop丨January 21

    Be independent. Learn how to make marketing videos for your website or vlogs for your company. Workshop for those who already film with the App Filmic Pro. In this media workshop, you’ll learn from professionals: video reporter Jochen Klug and filmmaker Sibylle Trost will help you develop your storytelling, filming, cutting and posting skills. Your Booking:


This is our track record. Here is a selection of Sibylle Trost’s work in a range of professional fields: print journalism, conventions and events, TV reports, corporate films


Our service portfolio includes: print journalism, TV reports, event and conventions films, and corporate web films. Sibylle Trost produces professional media products for all media platforms in cooperation with a creative network of experienced media professionals in Berlin


Texts which tell stories. People who make a difference. Content based on in-depth research. My journalistic work brings together these three elements.


High quality films for television, conventions, businesses and institutions. My focus is on lively documentaries; films that get in close and touch audiences.

Corporate films

Be authentic and tell a story: that is my motto. Effective corporate films should be lively reports with a clear message. No overblown language, no awkwardly staged scenes.


Moderating services for events and discussions about things that matter. As a moderator, I focus the issues, connect people, keep arguments to the point or involve the audience.

Media Tours

How do the media really work? This is a question I am often asked. I offer regular tours for private groups, students, companies and international visitors. Since 2014, I have been taking groups of...

Media Consultancy

As a media professional and out-of-the-box thinker, I can provide the media support your company needs to promote an unusual concept or imaginative idea. With over 20 years of experience in media,...