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16. February 2021

Media Academy Online Program

Due to high demand, the workshop "Filming with the Smartphone - Editing on DaVinci Resolve" will be held regularly with Sibylle Trost in the program of the…
6. June 2020

Tripod in Corona Lockdown

No mount, no tripod, no light, no external microphone on board? How to make a tripod for your Phone from a rapeseed oil bottle. I know, it…

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3. June 2020

Basis Ausrüstung Smartphone Video

Hier gebe ich meine Empfehlungen zur optimalen Basis Ausrüstung für professionelles Filmen mit dem Smartphone. Das Smartphone ist mit weniger als 200 Gramm die leichteste Kamera der…

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9. April 2020

Smartphone Video Class Online

In Corona Zeiten ist es unabdingbar und viele nutzen es bereits: das Smartphone als Kamera. Im Moment erlebt die mobile Kamera in den vier Wänden der Corona…
5. February 2020

Smartphone Video Workshop with Sibylle Trost

Smartphone as professional camera Using the smartphone as a camera for professional use in TV and cinema production: this was the topic of a workshop of the…
1. March 2019

Sound recording with the smartphone

Any smartphone video needs good sound quality. But how does that work? Is the internal microphone enough? Which sources of error can be avoided? What is important?…
28. August 2018

Biosciences Semester

Promotional video for the Germany Biosciences Semester Program with Professor Jeremy Wasser, Texas A&M University. This promotional video shows American students participating...
30. January 2018

Discover Berlin with media professionals

With our media agency we organize exciting media tours behind the screens: explore studios, understand dramaturgy, reveal fake news. With us you discover the world of media…
29. January 2018

Filmmaker shoot on Smartphone

More and more filmmakers are shooting on smartphones - not only casting videos and location memos. I feel the same way: the smartphone is small, handy and…
14. December 2016

First smartphone documentary televised

Spanish TV journalist Leonor Suarez filmed a 50-minute TV documentary, including enacted scenes, using only mobile equipment. Only the scenes with more than twenty people on set caused this director, camerawoman and producer to break a sweat. Impressive: YouTuber Charlene showed her recording tool at the TV IN YOUR POCKET workshop in Berlin.